The Colony

War raged as four tribes fought desperately for power. Weakened, when the Sirens arrived, the tribes had little chance. Divided they lived, so divided they died. Some survivors escaped and found refuge in the far ends of the Colony.

Decades since, the tribes are attempting to put aside their hatred and unite. They have not seen the last of the Sirens. War is coming. Only united will they survive.

Each character is a keycard to joining us as we build a powerful community, collaborate with leading artists in their entrance to NFTs, and use VR to help disabled artists and individuals.

6,000 NFTs from 4 Tribes, represented as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum network.










Community will be the most valuable asset of the next millennia.

A strong community depends on valuable networking, a supportive environment, and sustainable value. To help facilitate this, we will be launching talent matchmaking meant to connect builders and creatives in our community. We will continue to provide unique value to our community, via grants and exclusive partnerships. Ultimately, we hope to build a sustainable community that people truly want to be a part of.

Our Discord is our Temple which will host community events, giveaways, games, movie nights, mental health spaces, and a rotating auction house featuring unique collaborative art pieces.



Exclusive Artist Collaborations – 

We will be auctioning off unique 1/1 pieces created in collaboration with renouned, international artists. The first artist: Solomon Souza.

NFT Mint –  

We will release our collection of 6,000 NFTs

Charity Donations –  

Support for VREE

Surprise Goodies –  

Giving back to our early supporters


Airdrops –  

Unique airdrops for our holders.

NFT Games –  

We are developing an NFT game featuring our unique characters.

Evolution –  

Evolve your NFT into its full-body character skin that allow you to bring your identity into the Metaverse.

DAO Launch –  

We're building a sustainable DAO from which our community members can apply for grants, awarded by community votes.


Tech for Good

Tech is changing lives.

VR is used to help heal trauma, anxiety, and PTSD.

VR can give people with disabilities immersive experiences like the ability to virtually ski or dive underwater.

VR is powerful for art-therapists as it allows people to draw and expressed unobserved and in a safe space.

Eye tracking technology lets artists with disabilities create freely.

We are launching VREE, a charity initiative to support use cases such as these.

10% of the proceeds of the mint and 10% of the royalties will go towards purchasing technology for individuals and donating to committed organizations.


We know that digital identities will need to be fully integratable with AR/VR capabilities.

Try out our AR filter,
Share your video on Instagram or Twitter and tag #EVLVE for a chance to win special prizes!


We are builders and visionaries. We have worked with top brands, built products, and helped people see the potential of Web 3.0. We will be hustling from start to finish to make sure that everything aligns with our vision.